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What is a self-directed path?
A quick google search to define self-directed informs you that a self-directed person is “under one’s own control,” and “showing initiative and the ability to organize oneself.” Does this sound like you, or who you want to be?

You have the power to create your own life path.
Our Self-Directed Path Conference and Workshop is where your
transformation starts.

Our mission is to create awareness, cultivate valuable connections and community, and provide variety of useful resources for walking an alternative, self-directed educational/life path.

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Schedule of Event

April 28th 2018 -Before event, all speakers and staff meet at MCS. 30 mins intro of event 1 ½ hours speakers -intermission where people can interact 2 hour breakout sessions with speakers -1 hour for each session Back to Makarios after for more chatting!

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