2019 Conference


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9:30-9:50 Check in, vendors, find seats
10:00-10:45 Joel Hammon Keynote and Questions
10:50-11:40 Self-Directed Education Student Panel

11:45-12:45 Lunch Break

12:50-1:50 Breakout Session 1- Workshops & Mini-Talks
1:55-2:55 Breakout Session 2- Workshops & Mini-Talks
3:00-3:30 Self-Directed Path Launch, Book Signing

Location: The Study USA, Irving TX

801 W Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75060


Breakout Sessions

Mini Talks117273-200

Breakout Session #1 Options

117273-200SDE and Special Needs-How does self-direction work with special needs? What kind of autonomy and structure do children with special needs thrive within? Learn from experts in the field of special needs therapy, special needs education, and self-directed learning centers that accommodate special needs. This workshop has an emphasis on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

icon-workshopSchool Starters- Thinking about starting a school, homeschool group, or co-op? Learn from various founders of self-directed education schools and centers about their experiences, some logistics, essentials and more. Walk away with a plan for your school and your logistical questions answered.

icon-workshopDesigning an SDE plan- This workshop is perfect for those who want to know how to start implementing Self-Directed Education today! By looking at the learning style, desired skills, interests, and social/emotional needs of a self-directed learner, participants will design a Self-Directed Education plan suited to their goals. Educators and parents will leave with a toolkit for    helping self-directed learners thrive according to THEIR goals and interests.

Breakout Session #2 Options

117273-200How to SDE and get into College-Wondering about how self-directed learners get into college? This is the workshop for you! Hear from a self-directed educator, a local college admissions representative, and an SDE student currently doing dual-enrollment about their experiences and possibilities for future students. Mini Talk followed by Q&A.

icon-workshopTrust and Fear in SDE- Do you like the idea of self-directed education, but find yourself struggling with trust and fear? This workshop will dive into those questions, emotions, and more with a basis in research on autonomy, trustful parenting, and self-directed learning outcomes.

icon-workshopPlay-Based Adult Workshop/Adventure Playground- Learn about the value of play by experiencing it yourself! Join us at this workshop to get back into a child’s state of mind where you will play with tools and toys from the North Texas Progressive Schools and a sample Adventure Playground. Participants will also have the opportunity to converse with the leaders from the North Texas Progressive Schools Association.

Announcing Joel Hammon as our keynote speaker!

Joel Hammon is the author of The Teacher Liberation Handbook and founder of Princeton Learning Cooperative in New Jersey.




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