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Cassidy Younghans 
is a Self-Directed Education advocate and facilitator. Cassidy was a public school teacher for 5 years before changing her path to focus on Self-Directed Education. As an organizer of Self-Directed Path, Cassidy hopes to spread awareness and understanding of self-directed learning and the power it has to revolutionize education.
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Untitled designKristen Montesano studies Child Learning and Development and is in her 2nd year teaching in a democratic school. Passionate about Self-Directed Education, she believes given the time, freedom, and tools to pursue their interests, people of all ages thrive and grow. She believes self-directed learning is the future path of education and allows students to learn not only the knowledge needed for today’s society but also the soft skills such as leadership, creativity, and time management. Kristen hopes Self-Directed Path will spread awareness and understanding of this educational style for lifelong learners.



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